a. Check the power cord is installed properly to the machine. Check if there is power from the power socket.

b. If problem continues, please contact your local dealer.
a. If the substances are white flakes, then it might be the calcium that was built inside the chamber. Please check if the ionizer has done the citric acid cleaning regularly, then perform the citric acid cleaning to remove the calcium.

b. If the substances are black powder, then it might be the remaining carbon powder from the new filter, please let water flow for 5~10 minute before start using.
a. If the machine has not done the citric acid cleaning for a long period, then it might have the different taste or smell from the calcium that is built inside the chamber.

b. If the machine has not been replacing the filter for a long period, then it might have strange smell or bad taste, which means you might need to change the filter.
a. When the panel is not responding, please check if the “LOCK” icon is displayed on the panel, if yes, please unlock and check if it’s OK.

b. If the machine is unlocked and the problem still occurs, please restart the machine by pull off the power cord.

c. If the problem still exists, try to replace another touch PCB for testing.

d. Please check if the software version is correct.
a. Please check if the leak is from the Chanson product, if not, please call for the plumber for help.

b. Check if the hose clamp is installed properly and tightly fastened.

c. Please check the leak point and replace the parts of the leakage.
a. Please check if the water inlet is turned ON, and the water flow is normal. If the water inlet is normal, turn the side flow valve clockwise to the end, and see if the flow rate has any changes. If the flow rate is not turning stronger, then check the pipeline of the water source.

b. If the solenoid valve is malfunction, it might cause the flow rate abnormal.

c. If the above solutions are not working, please check if the filter is replaced regularly. We suggest replacing the filter once a year or maximum usage of 9000 liters.

d. If the machine is still malfunctioned, please restart the machine by pulling off the power. If the machine is back to normal, it might be a temporary error on the flow sensor.

e. If the flow is normal, but the LCM screen shows very low rate, it might be the problem of the flow sensor.

f. If the machine is still malfunctioned, please replace the flow sensor and test on it.
a. Please check if the water flow is too strong. Optimal water flow indicated on LED panel should be 1.5 – 2.0 L/m. If the water is flowing too fast, please reduce water flow from onboard flow control valve or main water source.

b. Water quality affects the electrolysis results. Higher TDS water might carry out better electrolysis results than low TDS water. Please test water with the pH tester for actual pH level.

c. If the water pH value has not reached the desired value at acidic 3 mode, please add table salt (or Himalayan salt) into mineral insert port, to enhance the electrolysis.

d. If the machine has been done the citric acid cleaning regularly, then you might need to replace with another electrobath or the main PCB for further testing.
a. Please make sure wastewater drainpipe is facing downward or flat, to make sure water is not back flowing to cause water running out from the spout.

b. If problem continues, please replace the solenoid valve.
A. Restart the faucet panel, if the panel turn normal, then it might be temporary error.

B. If touch is very unsensitive, please check the software version make sure it is correct version base on the hardware version.

C. Please check if the date cable is matching color sequence, unless it is directly out of manufacture.

D. If the panel remain malfunction, then you might need to change a faucet PCB.

E. If the faucet is shaking or break off, then you might need to change a new faucet without the faucet panel.

F. If display panel shows white screen or black but with sound effect
a. please restart the unit by unplug the power cord, if still problem still exist,
b. please try to make sure the data cable is firmly connected, you may unplug them and try to plug back in to make sure, if it is still occurred,
c. try to open the touch screen back cover and remove the touch PCB and reinstall it again by press gentle power but make sure it is firmly connected until you hear or feel a click,
d. if all procedure above been tested and note helped, you may consider replace a new PCB or touch screen base on the test result to find out which one may not work properly.
1. Video of issue, with clear shot of LED screen (so we can indicate any information may shows on the screen).

2. Which pH level does problem occur in? (or any scenario description of how the problem occurs, as detail as possible, so we can try to simulate the scene.)

3. Language used in Device Setting.

4. Unit S/N and Firmware version number.

5. How long has the unit been used.

6. Frequency of issue.

7. Date of machine last being service or cleaned.

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